Two Houses

Two Houses

So today my 4 year old daughter says to me “why do we have two houses, one with you and one with Daddy?”(I actually live in an apartment ). Bearing in mind that this has been the situation for over 2 years now and Lucy can’t even remember when we were all living together. Lucy is older than her years and so inquisitive about everything.  I asked her if there was a reason why she was thinking about that, is it because some of her friends at playschool just have one house for everyone? She just said she didn’t know.

So I just tried to explain,  I said that  when we all lived together, Mummy and Daddy didn’t get on very well and that it wasn’t very nice for anyone especially her and Jack.  I told her that it is much better now as Mummy and Daddy get on better and there are no arguments anymore.

I was expecting a few more questions, such as why didn’t you get on? What did you argue about? Lucy is a real thinker and usually asks a lot of questions, but thankfully she seemed to be satisfied with the explanation  I had given. (sigh of relief 🙂 ) No doubt she will come to me at some stage and ask more questions. I just hope it is not for a while!

This isn’t the first time that Lucy has brought this up, she has said before. “I wish we all lived together”. It is really heartbreaking. When you are part of a couple and start a family, it is never the plan to end up as a single parent.

My son (6) remembers us all living together and never asks questions or makes comments like that, maybe it’s because he is a boy, and seems to take everything in his stride, or maybe he just remembers what it was like. I really hope not.

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