Supermum (according to Lucy)

Supermum (according to Lucy)

My 4 year old daughter told me this morning that she had a dream that a was a superhero. If only😀 !!!

This was after getting my son to school 20 minutes late, as it had been just one of those mornings.

This morning, I thought I had pressed the snooze on my alarm, but it turns out the little button on the side of my new phone silences the alarm altogether, which resulted in us getting up late !!!

We eventually got out of the apartment, down to the car then I realised that I’ve no petrol, so back up to the apartment to find my purse which had done a disappearing act. We finally get to the petrol station and it is choc-a-block with cars. I’d dare not risk leaving it till after dropping Jack, knowing my luck the car would conk out halfway down the road.

So poor little mite ended up going in extremely late. I will have a chat with his teacher when I pick him up this afternoon.

So the stress levels were slightly heightened this morning. After dropping Jack, I drop Lucy to playschool and it was when we were on the way to playschool, Lucy tells me all about her dream that I was a superhero, with superpowers. She says to me “you are Supermum and you saved the day”, this made me laugh and made me forget all about the stress of the morning.

Well I must be doing something right, if my daughter is having dreams that I’m a superhero, lol😀😀

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