Lucy’s First Day at School

Lucy’s First Day at School

Lucy is the baby of the family and she started school last Tuesday she was so excited. She loved her first week in school, and she did great. Every day she was excited to go in, there was no tears or anxiety. The great thing was I never had any doubt that she would be fine. There were a couple of children who were a bit upset and I really felt for them and their parents.

It reminded me of 2 years previous and all the worry and stress I had with Jack starting school, especially with his speech problems. Jack wasn’t able to express his feelings at all at that time, so it was hard to know how he was feeling and how his day went. I known that he found the change quite hard to deal with.

It was so much easier this time around, Lucy was able to come out and tell me what she did in school and what happened and how she felt about it.

On her first day we went in to the hall and found out who Lucy’s teacher is,she was delighted when she found out they shared the same name. She got her name sticker and the children followed their new teachers in to the classrooms, whilst the mummies and daddies sat nervously drinking coffee for an hour.

Lucy told me they did circle time, which was great as this is something they did in playschool too and it was her favourite part of the day, so that was a brilliant start.

Lucy was only in from 9.15 – 10.30 for the first few days then 9.00 – 12.00 then and now she is doing a full day which is 8.50 – 13.30.

Lucy has been on at me for ages about starting Irish dancing, and just by luck there’s lessons on in her school on a Wednesday from 13.30 -14.30, which is so handy as Jack doesn’t finish until 14.30, so she has her first lesson today and we are both very excited to see how she gets on.

I am extremely proud of Lucy and how well she has got on the past week. I was feeling a little emotional on her first day, as that is both my kiddies in school now, it feels a bit strange, but great at the same time. Its so nice that it has gone so smoothly.

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