Our Walk to School

Our Walk to School

Our usual weekday mornings are quite stressful, with the usual rushing around and the constant supervision Jack needs to get ready in the mornings, then there’s the odd meltdown to throw into the mix aswell. Most mornings we are cutting it fine to get to the school on time.

Well on this particular morning, we got up late but somehow manged to get ourselves sorted out the door nice and early.

As we were going to be ridiculously early, I asked the kids if they would like to walk some of the way to school. They were so excited. They were always saying how they wish they could walk to school, like they see some of their friends doing, but as we live so far away, it is not really possible. I remember I use to love walking to school when I was their age. So we parked up about 10 minutes away from the school, the kids were delighted, it was lovely to have the time to give them such a simple pleasure.

It was a lovely fresh morning and we were surrounded by all the beautiful colours of autumn, and the kids were pointing out little things that they wouldn’t usually notice, being stuck in the car.

As we got to the girls schools, which is next door to the boys school, Jack saw his friend and ran off happily into his yard. We then went into Lucy’s yard, and a couple of little girls came up to Lucy and they all went off to play together. It was lovely watching Lucy with her new found friends. Usually it is straight to the line when we get to the school as the bell is just about to go.

It is amazing how one small thing, can change your day.  It was completely different from the usual stressful morning we are use to. The rushing around, battling to get the car parked and running to get to the schools before the bell goes. The fresh air and the whole stress free experience put me, and I’m sure the kids too, in a great mood for the day.

Whilst I can’t promise to do this every day, especially with winter approaching, and the usual chaos of our mornings. I will be making a conscious effort to try and do it more often.

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