Hi, and thanks for visiting my blog.

I’m Sue, a single mum originally from the UK but I have been living in Dublin, Ireland since 2002. I have two children a daughter “L” (6), and a son “J” (8).

Like most parents, my life completely changed when I had my first child, J in 2009, and things have been pretty hectic since then. Before I had J I was working in insurance, but when J was 4 months old he was diagnosed with a life-threatening heart defect (Coarctation of the Aorta) and had to go undergo emergency heart surgery. He required a lot of aftercare, so I gave up work to be at home with him. It wasn’t long after that I fell pregnant with L.

I went back to education in 2012 to re-sit my high school exams and I went on to do a degree in Digital Media in 2014, unfortunately, life threw me a few curveballs, which meant I was unable to complete the course. My relationship broke down at the end of 2013, J was diagnosed with a speech disorder and dyspraxia in 2015 and is now being assessed for ADHD and ASD.

Day to day life is a bit more difficult for J than it would be for the average 8-year-old boy, so I am constantly learning about these difficulties, what is behind them and ways that I can make things a bit easier for him, and I hope to share some of this on the blog.   

Whilst life is busy and challenging at times it’s not all doom and gloom, the three of us make it work and still manage to have fun in the process.

I have decided now that things have finally calmed down a bit, that this year (2018) some changes need to happen. I will be blogging about what I will be doing to work towards these changes.

I’ve tried blogging a couple of times before, but as the last few years have been pretty crazy,  I got sidetracked and lost my motivation to keep it up. But I enjoy blogging and find it therapeutic, so here I am giving it another shot.

I hope you enjoy my ramblings x